The adorne Home & Interior Design Collection

The adorne Collection helps homeowners complete a cohesive look with sleek switches, outlets, and screwless data connections.

Transform Your Home Lighting With the adorne Collection

Home lighting has been reinvented. The adorne product line helps you make a beautiful switch with outstanding designer lighting components. Their fashion-forward outlets and switches feature a square form factor that pairs well with rich wood and matte wall plates. Do you want to pair style with functionality? Look no further—the adorne Collection offers advanced options like wave-controlled switches, energy-efficient under-cabinet lighting, app-based dimmers, and built-in USB chargers.

Elevating your space is simple with adorne designer switches, sensors, and smart technology. Upgrading or replacing your existing switches and dimmer introduce a new level of control and flexibility to your home. Push, touch, or tap your switch to turn off the lights. If you want to avoid contact altogether, use motion-sensor technology. The adorne Collection’s diverse product suite offers components that align with your sensibilities, regardless of your style.

Discover the Lyle W. Williams Advantage

Our team has over 50 years of experience in the electrical industry. We apply our formidable knowledge base and ample resources to elevate our manufacturer and distributor allies in the Mountain West and Northwest territories.

Build Powerful Connections That Last

Lyle W. Williams Company is a leader in manufacturer representation. We apply our market knowledge to elevate our partners and offer impactful electrical solutions to distributors and end users.

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