Allied Tube & Conduit

Allied Tube & Conduit has helped reshape the pipe industry since 1959. Their diverse conduits constantly evolve to suit the needs of contractors and manufacturers everywhere.

Refine Your Business With Essential Electrical Solutions

Allied Tube & Conduit has been a leading brand for EMT, IMC, and Rigid conduits since 1959. Their products and engineered solutions meet every application challenge, whether you require steel, PVC, or aluminum conduits. Allied Tube’s components are at the center of the construction and manufacturing process—their raceways, sprinkler pipes, and perimeter security elevate day-to-day operations and ensure longevity for buildings nationwide.

Do you need reliable electrical metallic tubing (EMT)? Allied Tube’s superior coating and patented flow coat process ensure exceptional protection for conductors and cables. Their EMT conduits and elbows can create electrical raceway systems that allow for future wiring changes. Their Kwik-Fit and Kwik Compression EMTs also deliver labor savings through their integral one-end coupling. Explore the full EMT product portfolio to find an electrical solution that meets your unique requirements.

Transform Your Electrical Foundation With an Expert Team

Lyle W. Williams Company empowers distributors and manufacturers to transform end users’ electrical frameworks with excellent processes and representative strategies. Our solutions are tailor-made and cutting edge.

Build Powerful Connections That Last

Lyle W. Williams Company is a leader in manufacturer representation. We apply our market knowledge to elevate our partners and offer impactful electrical solutions to distributors and end users.

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