Cablofil Cable Management

Cablofil helps contractors move from project to project with state-of-the-art cable management solutions that endure any harsh industrial environment.

Build a Flexible Cable Management System With Cablofil Assemblies

Cablofil’s diverse products deliver fast installation and dependable support. They provide everything you need to establish and maintain an effective cable management system—wire mesh cable trays, ladder cable trays, prefab assemblies, fasteners, and accessories are available. Projects like branch circuit wiring don’t need to be frustrating. Cablofil solutions offer advanced customization options to help you save time and labor costs. Whether you need everyday components or sub-assemblies, there’s a solution tailored to your project.

Are you planning a large data center project? Cablofil’s wire mesh cable tray and Cablobend Systems simplify cable management with customizable bends and drops. Traditional cutting and bending are time-consuming and clumsy, sometimes requiring thousands of trays for a single installation. Cablobend features an open system for quick and easy implementation and the capacity for future upgrades. Browse Cablofil products for more cable trays and accessories that promote productivity and reduce downtime.

Experience Quality Electrical Representative Services

Lyle W. Williams Company has over 50 years of experience in the electrical industry. We apply our advanced resources and processes to help manufacturers connect with distributors and end users across the Northwest.

Build Powerful Connections That Last

Lyle W. Williams Company is a leader in manufacturer representation. We apply our market knowledge to elevate our partners and offer impactful electrical solutions to distributors and end users.

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