Helios Lighting Solutions

Helios Lighting offers glare-free illumination for peerless visual comfort and performance.

Specification Grade Recessed Luminaires

Helios Lighting is an experienced lighting manufacturer providing cost-effective lighting solutions to businesses for over seven decades. As a leader in the lighting industry, they offer a comprehensive range of products, services, and support to meet all the needs of their customers, including architects and designers, contractors, and facility managers.

Helios Lighting’s cutting-edge security equipment is renowned for its quality, longevity, and affordability. Their weather-proof fixtures are crafted to take on the harshest of conditions while still delivering exceptional results. Helios has a diverse selection that can cater to your individual needs and give you multiple advantages.

Helios cylinder lights are the perfect choice for adding depth and drama to any interior or exterior space while providing powerful illumination. With their unique design, they can be hung from ceilings, mounted on walls, or even embedded in furniture. The aluminum body is lightweight and easy to install, and the highly adjustable light engine offers a wide range of beam spread options. With lumen packages ranging up to 8500, you’ll have plenty of light for functional and decorative applications.

Varied cable mounting provides easy installation in areas where recessed downlights can’t be used. And with their field configurable light engine, you can quickly and easily change the color or beam spread without replacing the fixture.

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