King Electric Smart Heating Solutions

Experience matters. Discover comfort with state-of-the-art heating equipment.

Secure Advanced American-Made Heating Solutions

King Electric Mfg. Co. has over 50 years of experience manufacturing electrical heaters. Our company specializes in various heaters, including kickspace, architectural, cove, in-floor, marine, portable, fan-forced, hybrid, and much more. We build our heaters at home in Seattle and enhance our products with technology inspired by customer feedback. Our team has one goal: to make people’s lives more comfortable.

We follow three principles in our manufacturing approach:

  • Pursuit of quality in everything
  • Maximizing customer value while minimizing waste
  • Being market-responsive and flexible, driving high capacity

Our electric heaters are simple to install and require little disruption. There’s no need for ductwork or plumbed gas lines, and the startup cost for an electric heating solution is less than a traditional alternative. Whether you operate a commercial or residential space, our experts can keep you warm with custom solutions designed around your comfort. Our heating cables, heaters, and controls are optimized to remediate your cold-related issues.

Become Industry Partners With a Seasoned Electrical Team

The Lyle Williams Company has spent over 50 years building and maintaining a foundation in the electrical landscape. We’ve updated our processes to keep pace with the industry and have the resources and experience to take our distributor and manufacturer partners to the next level.

Build Powerful Connections That Last

Lyle W. Williams Company is a leader in manufacturer representation. We apply our market knowledge to elevate our partners and offer impactful electrical solutions to distributors and end users.

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