Simply LEDs

SimplyLEDs is a BAA compliant LED Lighting fixture and controls manufacturer based in Boise, Idaho, since 2010. We offer a complete one-roof-solution that gives you and your customers access to SimplyLEDs sales, marketing, manufacturing, shipping, and engineering. We’re all here for you, under one roof, in Boise, Idaho, USA.

SimplyLEDs is not simply a name, it’s the way we approach everything we do: simply. From project design and layout, to manufacture, delivery, customer service, and support—we strive to remove the complexity that has become commonplace in the lighting industry. By removing this complexity, we increase efficiency and our communication with you is based on minutes, not days. Whether you’re just requesting an RFP, or you’re buried knee-deep in a project full of engineering requirements, we’ve got you covered.
We don’t just understand lighting: we design it, we engineer it, we build it, and then we stand behind it—from every single luminaire to our SensaBLE product family of intuitive lighting controls. We’re an electrical engineering company, and we’re still owned and operated by the same electrical engineers who founded it in 2010. Along with a combined near century of that expertise is a deep understanding of manufacturing and operations best practices, competitive and responsible multi-tiered component sourcing, and award winning customer service. Discover more at:

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